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Crystals And Gemstones: The Embodiment Of Unique Healing Properties

Here at Buddha on a Bicycle we have noticed in the last 10 years that, Crystals and Gemstones have become an increasingly fascinating subject for so many new customers and the media in general. The popularity of Crystals has particularly grown with the recent focus on ‘abundance’ and ‘manifestation’.

Our customers are an eclectic demographic, covering everyone from the small children who come with their parents (children are always fascinated by coloured stones) to teenage girls and skateboarding boys.

Though we are seeing an increasingly curious customer base from traditional professions such as finance and law, many of our regular customers here in the West End are in the theatre and entertainment world: actors, performers, stage managers, directors, musicians and celebrities. When productions are opening it has become a regular tradition for our Crystals to be given to the cast and crew as a good luck gift on opening night

New customers are arriving daily as people are drawn to the concept of The Law Of Attraction, or to the instinctive belief in: the healing aspects of Crystal therapy, the alignment of the stars and the ancient mystical powers, many people have turned away from organised religion and the traditional dogma attached and are seeking something more ancient with less agenda to find support and comfort.

Our customers buy individual Crystals or collections such as Chakra sets or Crystals as jewellery to be worn at key chakra points or as general protection from the world and all its large and small assaults on our well-being; both psychological and through the toxicity of our daily environment, or simply to bring a sense of comfort beauty and support for reasons that are known but not always completely understood by the wearer.

The powerful connection between us as 21st century consumers and the use of Crystals travel back throughout history and time and around the world and into the millennia: Romans and ancient warriors were known to use protective stones on their Shields and Breast plates, when they travelled or went to war. An extremely ancient Stone Age site was recently uncovered in Wiltshire and ancient gemstones were found on the site.

Crystals come in many forms nowadays and some people simply wear them as a fashion accessory, being drawn to the beauty of the stones, without having any particular interest or understanding of their mystical qualities. Elizabeth Taylor for example, with her love of giant diamonds and gemstones. Was it just a status symbol for her, or something unknowable that she was instinctively drawn to? Whatever the reasons people are drawn to Crystals and the desire and interest in them worldwide is growing daily.

We at Buddha on a Bicycle have a beautiful collection of hand selected ethically sourced Crystals for all our customers tastes.