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Eir - Scented Candle (Wooden Wick Jar)

Eir - Scented Candle (Wooden Wick Jar)

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Eir - Scented Candle (Wooden Wick Jar)

A handmade soy wax spell candle that represents and honours Eir, the Norse goddess of health.  This candle carries the magical aromas of Mint, Lemon, Myrrh and a special secret ingredient - these scents symbolises nature’s forces, harvest, abundance and health.  We believe that this aromatic candle may help you in:

Gaining physical and spiritual powers
Strengthening your physical body and immunity
Getting help when battling illnesses
Harmonising the body’s energy centers and points

Protecting your physical body from illnesses

By Spells Like Spells

-    Scent: Mint, Lemon, Myrrh & a special secret ingredient

-     Approx Burn Time: 50 hours

-     Colour: Neutral

-     Material: Soy Wax

-     Size: H 10cm W 7.5cm

- Weight: 200g