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Sacred Space mist - Peace & Harmony

Sacred Space mist - Peace & Harmony

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Peace & Harmony - Mist

Encourage peace and harmony in your physical spaces with this purifying mist to create a clear and relaxing atmosphere.  A natural and organic blend of Rose & Frankincense essential oils and elemental essences of Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Ether.  This mist contributes to a positive state of mind & sense of wellbeing.

EARTH - element represents strength, stability and security

WATER - element's life-giving properties cleanse and purify

 AIR - element of inspiration, vision and communication

 FIRE - element radiates brightness, vitality and promotes creativity

 ETHER - element of unity and expansiveness, of light and space

By Sacred Earth.

-     Scent: Rose & Frankincense

-     Size: 100ml /22g