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Hosted by Andre Berry, The Buddha on a Bicycle podcast features thoughtful conversations for modern times. Not always comfortable but definitely needed, we explore both humanity, happiness and our human-ness. How can we live healthy, purpose-filled lives and be in service of something bigger? Guests include spiritual and metaphysical teachers, therapists, life coaches, and activists for functional medicine, mental and physical health, and collective healing.

About Andre Berry

Already challenged by the relentless pressures of corporate life, losing his father compounded host Andre Berry’s agony on top of frustration. This created sleepless nights and an all-round knowing that if his fast-paced lifestyle wasn’t addressed, illness would surely follow.

After hearing about the benefits of Transcendental Meditation (TM), he decided to learn the technique Independently as he was unable to afford the prices being quoted and was blown away by the changes, some of which literally happened overnight. Andre was amazed by his reduced anxiety and his increased resilience to everyday challenges.

More at peace with himself than ever before, he immersed himself further into the Vedic tradition from which it stemmed from.

10 years on, Andre has become a much sought after Independent Teacher of Transcendental Meditation, currently works in London, Bristol, Bath and Kent – and has no connection to the Maharishi Foundation.


Not just whale-song and singing bowls, the sounds of spiritual and physical endeavour can sound like many things to many people. At Buddha on a Bicycle we don’t prescribe to a one size fits all belief system and this extends to the music we play in-shop. In this age of online shopping with some of our customers unable to visit the shop in person, we thought we could try to re-create the feeling of being in the shop but from the comfort of your own home.

We’re delighted to introduce you to the Buddha on a Bicycle playlist as chosen by our wonderful staff. Here, you will find their favourite tracks and songs that uplift the spirit and move the soul. If you’re looking for songs that will make you smile, laugh, dance or cultivate a sense of peace when you need it most. This is the music we play on repeat. We hope you follow it for monthly updates!

Buddha on a Bicycle Retro Chill-out

We here at BOAB love all types of music, and here is a relaxing playlist of tunes from yesteryear:

Buddha on a Bicycle Moon Tunes

Silvery and eternal, we celebrate the glorious moon in a selection of magical songs:

Buddha on a Bicycle Summer

Some summery tunes for dancing at the beach, at a BBQ…or just in your kitchen! Let the sunshine in!

Buddha on a Bicycle Sunrise/Sunset

Here’s a mix of various styles and eras for gently waking up or winding down…