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10 Palo Santo - Smudge Sticks

10 Palo Santo - Smudge Sticks

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10 Palo Santo - Smudge Sticks 

10 each beautifully fragrant, high quality palo santo "Holy Wood” smudge sticks sourced by London based company Worldly Aromas. For energetic cleansing & softening. Made using only naturally dead branches and trunks that are collected, without cutting down any living trees, damaging the surrounding area or making new paths.

Worldly Aromas supplier goal is to regenerate the wild forest where Palo Santo grows. By supporting eco-projects we are all contributing to poverty alleviation, sustainability, the preservation of ethnobotanical knowledge, local plant-based economic development.

Ethically & Sustainably harvested by Worldly Aromas

Ingredients: Palo Santo "Holy Wood”

Each stick is unique.

Size and colour vary from bundle to bundle.

-     100% Natural

-     Colour: Natural

-     Size: 10 x 10 cm 

-     Origin: Ecuador

-     Price: £24.00