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Freyr - Scented Candle

Freyr - Scented Candle

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Freyr - Scented Candle

A handmade soy wax spell candle scented with Bergamot, Patchouli & Cedar for manifesting financial prosperity.  Remember, that even with a touch of magic financial luck will only come to people who put in the effort!  However, sometimes a bit of supernatural help is necessary.  Welcome, Freyr!

In Norse mythology, god Freyr is the patron of fertility and prosperity. With the help of Freyr this candle will allow to plant a seed of the magical money tree that brings financial wealth to your home.

The aromatic magic of the Freyr candle can help you to open paths and opportunities for financial flows, realise your plans related to the material plane of life, plan income and expense & protect your material wealth from unexpected expense and jealousy of others.


By Spells Like Spells

-    Scent: Bergamot, Patchouli & Cedar

-     Approx Burn Time: 35 hours

-     Colour: Dark Green

-     Material: Soy Wax

-     Size: H 10cm W 7cm

- Weight: 300g