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Medium Handcarved Buddha - Dhyana Meditation Mudra

Medium Handcarved Buddha - Dhyana Meditation Mudra

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Medium Handcarved Buddha - Dhyana Meditation Mudra

Beautiful handcarved wooden Buddha with hands in the Dhyana Mudra (pose/position), the mudra of meditation & concentration.  This mudra is also known as samadhi mudra or the mudra of enlightenment.  If you have done any sort of meditation practice you may naturally find your hands in this position.  A serene indoor decorative model perfect for an altar and meditation spaces.

 Commissioned for creation by Sunlover, a family run business who trade fairly, ethically and sustainably.

-     Colour: Natural

-     Handcarved

-     Material: Suar Wood

-     Size:  H 26cm W 22cm

-    Origin: Indonesia