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Malacolla Freeform (Polished)
Malacolla Freeform (Polished)
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Malacolla Freeform (Polished)

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Malacolla is a double-whammy stone made of a naturally occurring mix of Malachite and Chrysocolla. Its blue green patterns resemble the land masses and oceans of our planet. Malacolla info highlights: Connects with Heart + Throat Chakras | Authenticity | Empowerment | Regeneration | Protection.

Malacolla brings together the properties of empowering Malachite and authentic Chrysocolla to form a stone that carries the energy of a tough-loving mentor and therapist that will help leads us to the truth of ourselves. This beautiful stone assures us that as long as we take the brave first steps it will be there to guide and protect us.

Read on to learn about the individual properties of the two stones that make up this powerful combination.


“Guardian Stone” or “Stone of the Braveheart”

Malachite is a stone of empowerment, energetic clearing and life path protection. Malachite activates our sense of responsibility to the highest good of ourselves and to the rest of our world, it encourages affirmative action and emboldens us with the confidence to make challenging, demanding decisions as opposed to succumbing to the easier, less beneficial and, at times, self destructive options.

This Guardian Stone carries a regenerative energy that refreshes and strengthens the body, mind and soul and emits a protective “filtration bubble” that clears our paths of distractive and dangerous energies.

Malachite works with the HEART CHAKRA to remind us of our positions as collaborators of the Universe by amplifying our unique internal rhythms and wills us to march boldly and bravely to the beat of our own drum.

Malachite says, “If you put the good work into motion, I will be here to empower and protect you. Step into your power and proceed.” - It is a stone for the activist, the trier, the trying, for those who aim to move with love and conviction.


“Wise Stone of Conciliation”

Chrysocolla is the stone of the conscious communicator and a powerful ally for assisting in intimate personal exploration. It was historically favoured by leaders such as Queen Cleopatra of Ancient Egypt and Native American heads of tribes for its ability inspire clever compromises and to encourage peaceful, productive negotiations.
Chrysocolla gently massages the THROAT CHAKRA to calm and clarify our inner dialogue and helps us examine our complex emotions. It reminds us that by communicating truthfully with ourselves we can then translate that truth to others. Think of Chrysocolla as an anchor that moors us comfortably between an engaged and stimulated mind and relaxed, manageable emotions.

It is a wonderful stone to gift or to be given when reconciliation from painful disagreements is needed as it holds space for respectful, balanced conversation. It is also highly favoured by Musicians and those learning to play instruments as it taps us into our instinctive musical rhythm.

Chrysocolla says, “Think & Feel Before You Speak.”

Our words, choices and actions carry immense power, Chrysocolla reminds us of that. We are at a time in our history when we must each be asking ourselves, “What kind of world can I help to co-create?” - what is your answer?

Align with your personal truth using Malacolla.

Malacolla Freeform (Polished)

Piece A: Length: 9cm - Width: 5.5cm - Depth: 3.5cm.

Piece B: Length: 8.5cm - Width: 7cm - Depth: 2.3cm. 

Stones are sold individually and may vary slightly in shape and colour from the stones shown in the image.