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Selenite Hearts (Regular)

Selenite Hearts (Regular)

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 Selenite is named after ‘Selene’ the Greek Goddess of the Full Moon.

A beautifully comforting & peace instilling stone that invigorates psychic connection, enables communication with the angelic realms & syncs us with our authentic emotional (lunar) rhythms.

Selenite is fantastic for both cleansing & charging of other crystals & the clearing of energetic debris from a space. It is also greatly helpful when included in meditations aimed at communicating with our guardians & guides. A quietly powerful stone that, like the moon, will continue to bring light in times of dark.

Selenite associations:

Sign: Cancer
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Chakras: Crown & Third Eye

-    Colour: White

-    Material: 100% Selenite

-    Sizes:  H 4.5cm W 5.5cm