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The Love Box | BoaB Gift Box

The Love Box | BoaB Gift Box

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A heart-centred gift box that activate the Heart Chakra, helps us to love ourselves & others, conjures romance, promotes joyful harmony.

Designed & packaged by Buddha on a Bicycle, Covent Garden.

With love From BoaB. x

The BoaB Love Box includes:

Rose Quartz, Sage bundle, Palo Santo & dried flower potpourri.

Rose Quartz "The Stone of Universal Love" is an extremely powerful stone that opens and stimulates the heart chakra and encourages us to lead with Love.  Rose Quartz helps us to dissolve guarded boundaries and supports us in having understanding, compassionate connections.

Rose Quartz aids our ability to give & receive love, attracts romance & brings joy & harmony.

The burning of Sage is a Native American practise traditionally known as “Smudging”. “Smudging” or “Smoke Cleansing” is used for clearing spaces of stagnant or negative energies, for a general sense of protection & for creating a sacred space to connect with the spiritual realm. Research has shown that burned sage releases negative ions into air which have been linked to invoking a more positive mood, reducing stress and in some cases alleviating pain.

Palo Santo or “Holy Wood” is a sacred tree from South America that has been used for centuries by the indigenous people of the Andes for energetic cleansing, softening & good luck. Made by harvesting only the fallen branches and dead trunks, never cutting down any living trees or causing damage to surrounding area.

The ritualised burning of dried herbs, woods & resins can been linked to most cultures throughout history.

Sage & Palo Santo Safe Burning Guide:

When burning open a window or a door, this will give the sage/palo santo smoke - along with any stagnant or negative energy - a way to leave your home. Hold sage/palo santo as far from the end you are burning as possible. Hold at a 45-degree angle, light & let burn for about 20 seconds, then gently blow out the flame so that you see orange embers on one end. (Note for Sage: If the sage was packed too tightly when made, then the oxygen can’t get in properly and the bundle won’t stay lit. Loosen the thread around the sage and take the tip you are lighting and press it into a surface to give it some breathing room. This helps to keep your sage smoking.) Waft the smoke around your space with your cleansing intention in mind. Starting in one corner & “pushing” energy towards door or window is a good way to visualise this movement of energy out of your space. Pay attention to corners, near mirrors, windows & high-traffic areas such as hallways & doorways. Always remain conscious of the fact that you are holding a burning object, never leave unattended. Keep an eye out for fallen ashes & extinguish them immediately.


+ 1 Rose Quartz

+ 1 Sage bundle (approx. 11cm long)

+ 2-4 Palo Santo sticks (size dependent) (approx. 11cm long)

+ 1 Buddha on a Bicycle badge

Box dimensions:

L: 16.5cm x W: 11.6cm x D: 5cm