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Freestanding Labradorite Display Pieces

Freestanding Labradorite Display Pieces

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Enchanting, freestanding Labradorite pieces that will bring wonder to all those who view them.  Labradorite is a stone of magic that is said to be pieces of the Northern Lights fallen to Earth.  Stimulates psychic work & opens up astral travelling plaines.  Protects the auric field, acts as a guide on inner transformative journeys.

-     Colour: Iridescent Blues & Greens

-     Material: 100% Labradorite

Each piece sold separately.

Piece 1 - Size: H 7.9cm W 10.8cm - £110

Piece 2 - Size: H 11.8cm W 8cm - £100

Piece 3 - Size H 6.9cm W 3.8cm - £56