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Clearing & Meditative - Incense Sticks

Clearing & Meditative - Incense Sticks

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Clearing & Meditative - Incense Sticks 

Duo Set

Burn Nag Champa incense to clear, sooth & relax yourself & your space.

Burn Meditation Incense to welcome a meditative state, clarify your focus & energise your intentions.

A combination for serenity, clarity, bliss and focus.

Scent & History:
Nag Champa incense is said to be the world’s most popular variety of incense. Delicately floral with a gentle woody heart and earthy base notes that create a clear, soothing and relaxing environment. It has base of fruity plumeria flowers and creamy sandalwood oil and was first burned in ashrams, monasteries and temples across India and Nepal.

-     100% Natural

-     Colour: Natural

-     Quantity: 12 sticks per box (24 in set)

-     Weight: 15 grams per box (30 grams in set)

-    Approx Burn Time: 45 mins per stick

-     Material: Fruity plumeria flowers and Sandalwood oil

-     Price: £4.00