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Palo Santo - Scented Candle

Palo Santo - Scented Candle

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 Palo Santo - Scented Candle 

This rich & energising Palo Santo scented candle helps to centre you into your body
through your sense of smell. Made using 100% natural essential oils. With additional
deep notes of Cedarwood and Patchouli this candle makes a perfect gift for those
looking for ‘me time’. Hand poured in London using biodegradable and vegan friendly Soy Wax.

By Worldly Aromas

-     100% Natural

-    Scent: Palo Santo, Cedarwood & Patchouli

-    Approx Burn Time: 40 hours

-     Colour: Natural

-     Size: 10 x 10 cm 

-     Price: £28.00