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Rose Quartz Face Roller

Rose Quartz Face Roller

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Rose Quartz "The Stone of Universal Love" is an extremely powerful stone that opens and stimulates the heart chakra and encourages us to lead with Love.  Rose Quartz helps us to dissolve guarded boundaries and supports us in having understanding, compassionate connections.  Rose Quartz aids our ability to give & receive love, attracts romance & brings joy & harmony.  If that weren't enough, it also provides for the following health and beauty benefits:

  • REDUCE PUFFINESS & DARK CIRCLES - Gently apply the roller to "iron out" your skin and reduce all the physical signs built up from stress and fatigue. Reset with our roller and firm up your face.
  • BLOOD CIRCULATION, PRODUCT PENETRATION & LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE - Our rose quartz roller is wonderful for Blood Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage which will help you remove Toxins. Use after applying your products (such as Vitamin C Serum) for Effective Penetration.
  • SOOOOO RELAXING - Whether you need some self care or "Me" time, you can do it with our rose quartz roller at home - morning and night. Just close your eyes and roll away. You're in a spa.
  • COOL IT & SOOTHE YOURSELF - Chill our rose quartz roller in the fridge before you use it, and your skin will thank you.
You're welcome ;)

    -    Colour: Pink

    -    Material: 100% Rose Quartz Crystal

    -    Size: 17 x 10.9 x 2.7 centimetres