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Smoky Quartz Display Points

Smoky Quartz Display Points

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Smoky Quartz Point 1 upper left-side of image

Smoky Quartz Point  2 upper right-side of image

Smoky Quartz Point 3 lower left-side of image

Smoky Quartz Point 4 lower right-side of image

Grounding, transmutes negative energies, helps one to commit to their dreams and clarifies ambitions.  Offers protection from negative energies in your environment.  Acts as a guide in deep self reflective work.  A stone for "keeping things clear".

Each piece sold separately.

Point 1 - Size: H 6.8cm W 3.4cm - £30

Point 2 - Size: H 6.8cm W 3.2cm - £30

Point 3 - Size H 5.2cm W 2.9cm - £25

Point 4 - Size H 4cm W 3cm - £20