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Wildheart Animal Essences - Bat

Wildheart Animal Essences - Bat

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 Wildheart Animal Essences are a vibrational healing tool made using a combination of Glastonbury Spring waters, brandy and the energetic imprint of each respective animal. They are designed to assist in the body’s natural healing process, and to offer gentle support in times of healing, stress and change.

‘Joyful me!
I move through the night skies, navigating the shadows...’ 

Bat assists in times of difficulties, offering safe passage and manoeuvrability in the darkness. Supports moving through fear to joy, and seeing situations from a different perspective.

Bat says...

‘Joyful me!
I move through the night skies
Dancing and weaving
Navigating the shadows
Reminding you there is always joy to be found
Whether night or day
Joy is joy no matter its surroundings
No need to fear for I will guide you
I love the dark and find nourishment within it
I offer you safe passage through it
Supporting you through fear to joy
Turning darkness upside down
Helping you to see from a different perspective'

Directions: 7 drops under the tongue as required.

Ingredients: infusion of Bat, Glastonbury spring water, brandy.

Size: 30ml