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Wildheart Animal Essences - Owl

Wildheart Animal Essences - Owl

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 Wildheart Animal Essences are a vibrational healing tool made using a combination of Glastonbury Spring waters, brandy and the energetic imprint of each respective animal. They are designed to assist in the body’s natural healing process, and to offer gentle support in times of healing, stress and change.

‘Call of the wild;
fear me not as I guide you to your inner light’ 

Owl assists with guiding you on your journey to inner wisdoms and treasures, shining a light in the darkness, like a candle in the night, revealing all that is unseen and unsaid. Owl also supports with protection against negative energy and early warnings of danger. A powerful ally offering insight, understanding and protection in uncharted situations.

Owl says...

‘Mine is the call of the wild
Fear me not as I guide you to your inner light
Warrior of the moon am I
Spirit walker, guardian of secrets
I shine my light so others may see
The moon is my companion
We walk the same path, g
athering souls as we journey
Weaving them together and plucking them apart
Listen to your inner calling
I will protect you as you journey to find your inner wisdom
A candle in the dark
Always a landmark
To show you the way home
Call on me when you are lost and need a guide home
Call on your heart
And its beat will drum you home'


Directions: 7 drops under the tongue as required.

Ingredients: infusion of Owl, Glastonbury spring water, brandy.

Size: 30ml